Action Items

I always feel better when I have a list of steps to complete. It is how I know my goals aren’t just wishes.

This year is about branding and launching for me. Putting my work into tangible means to share with others and extend my reach in new directions and deeper folds.

It has already required me to revisit some thinking, assess my language(s), and examine what has been working. I started this, really, two years ago wanting to make my work available to multiple generations of people who looking to move for a variety of motivations. I have been witnessing the need of creative and expressive movement in people’s lives, coupled with a low-risk way to develop movement function first. The last two years have been about understanding  the obstacles for my clients and students. They do the hard work, and own it; I have just found a way to walk them in.

Setting out with my theory, the curriculum which had worked for school-aged kids, and the understanding more people need this, I felt rushed and pushed to know all of the answers. It was frustrating. It still is. It will continue to be. That is good.

It has worked though. I have learned a lot. I have made some mistakes. Clients are telling me how it is useful. They come back and they bring their friends. The process/progress has certainly included pathways through back-space. As we know, success is not only forward-moving. It takes many directions, pathways, and levels to get there. And success itself is not stagnant. It is not an isolated destination but a living practice which keeps expanding and contracting- like breath through the body.

What are you practicing? What are you acting upon?


Author: Heather Vaughan-Southard

HEATHER VAUGHAN-SOUTHARD is a connector. She uses somatic engagement and creativity to inspire change in people, perspectives, and practices within classrooms, therapy rooms, and boardrooms. She is a presenter in the fields of education, social-emotional learning, somatic practice, and the arts.

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