A Life of Quality

In both of my fields- movement design and arts education- I have taught at length about “quality of life”. The truth is, though, I am really asking my clients and students to engage in a life of quality.

It means living in presence and making choices which support our over-arching values.

It means celebrating the body through motion; acknowledging the experiences contained in the body and using a variety of movement modalities to process those experiences.

It means cultivating a creative practice. By making things- sketches, stories, supper, or hand-knit socks- we create containers for our worries and aspirations. Containers we can then pick up and put down rather than carrying them at all times.

It means we return to ourselves. And in doing so, we free ourselves to become available to others. When we move and make in community, we have the opportunity to hold the space for others and have space held for us. It is the contract in which compassion can amplify and serve as a catalyst for significant change.

It means we get back to what makes a life worth living and how each of us may define that individually and collectively.

It means living a life in which we notice, wonder, and engage.