An invitation to re-wild

Many of us have tense relationships with our bodies. Frustrated by the body’s unwillingness to “behave”, we typically resort to judgement, hostility, abandonment, and even name-calling.

What if we treated our bodies the way we aspire to treat our children?

What if your relationship included acknowledgement and encouragement, guidance, and compassion?

In a recent movement study video, I spoke about developing specificity in WHY we move. For some, this might be about physical conditioning, trauma resolution or getting out of emotional and/or physical pain. For others, it might be about movement function, or personal expression.

The work we can do together focuses on integration: Function. Articulation. Meaning. Expression. Movement is the tool but it is not the work.

My invitation to you is to RE-WILD. Remember that your body is a living organism not just a mode of transportation. That organism holds your story and your spirit. Our bodily experiences impact our perspectives, funds of knowledge, relationships, and overall well-being.

What if you could develop a sense of safety within the body that can support you wherever you go, whatever you are doing?

Join me in movement studies regularly on social media. Let’s get regulated and responsive to our needs and those of others. Self-compassion leads to empathy. Vulnerability leads to change. Connection leads to community.

If you are a teacher working with students who would benefit from regulated nervous systems, let me know.

If you are a presenter or leader, wanting to know how to deepen audience engagement and connect a community, let me help bring your presentations to life and your group closer together.